Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Handmade Gift Exchange

Once again, I joined Linda's handmade gift exchange.  You have to check out her blog.  She has so many cute ideas!  This year she used Elfster to pair up exchange partners -  either anonymously or we could contact our partner directly.  Unlike previous years, I crafted a gift for someone else who crafted a gift for someone else (not me).  I have no idea who is crafting for me...I guess he/she decided to remain anonymous...which is fine.  But I can't wait to get a goodie in the mail soon!!

Anyway, my partner likes Star Wars and has a Kindle Fire.  So I made the following cover for her (Hans Solo in Carbonite from The Empire Strikes Back

I hope she likes it!

I used a hardback book and took the pages out of it.  I used gesso to provide a good base to paint on.  The dimensional cover was accomplished using a print-out which I creased in the right spots and then filled from the back using paper clay.  After sticking that onto the book surface, I decided to add more dimension by adding more clay around the edges.  Once it was dry, I painted it.  
On the back, I used cut-out letters and used mini beads.  
A coat of mod podge finished the outside cover.

Inside the front, I used felt so the Kindle screen will not get scratched.  Don't ask me how I accomplished the elastic.  It was hard and I don't have time to try and explain it here!  If you are brave enough to tackle this project, you will figure it out!