Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Tag Books - from the Beach I go to the beach for the annual family vacation and what do I like to do there?

Seems a little wasteful to be able to hang out on the beach yet spend my time indoors...but it's MY vacation and I can do what I want!  {I do spend time on the beach...just in case you were wondering!}

So, this year, Megan brought her sweet friend Jackie.  Jackie has claimed me as her 'other mom' so I guess she is my 'other daughter.'  I wanted to do a little something for the girls so I made them these tag books out of...... [drumroll please]......

Toilet Paper Rolls!

Each 'book' consist of 3 rolls.
They are covered in scrapbook paper with some attempt to coordinate...but if you know teen girls they are a little funky in how things go together. I hope you'll agree the result is fun.
{Sorry about the dark pictures.....}

Here are some of the tags I included for these...

a small notepad

Other side of one of the notepads

a place for a picture

this is the other side of the picture place

a mirror with rhinestones

an envelop with a little card

Each book is bound with some funky ribbon and additional embellishments were added for more fun!

I hope you are inspired to create something fun!

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