Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sock Solution

I have a new problem.  My son wears the same size and color socks as my husband and I can't tell whose socks are whose.  Fortunately, the solution is quick and simple!

So, here is the pile of socks....they are all the SAME!

I picked a sock to start can see the gold thread I decided to use.  

I turned the sock inside out and started on the inside at one end of the toe seam.
I sewed a stem stitch about 1mm long and finished with a knot and cut the thread.

It is very small in the upper left of the sock but that was the point....something small that I would know to look for but wouldn't bother my son.

So, can you tell which ones belong to my son?  {Hint:  bottom left and top right}

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