Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sock Monkey the Ol' Fashioned Way

About once a week, I feel a compulsion to go look at yarn at the local AC Moore, Michael's or Joann's and oftentimes my kids are with me.  My son jokes with me every now and then asking me if I've found the perfect yarn yet.  Well, of course the answer is NO....or else I wouldn't have to go back constantly!

On the last trip, my son was with me and happened to see a Paton's pattern for a sock monkey and asked if I would make one for him.  Never having knitted anything for him, I figured it was high, I've never knitted a stuffed animal before....and learning a new skill is always welcome.  So here is my sock monkey - which I must say came together quite nicely.  And he loved it!

I used Paton 100% wool yarn for this and lightly stuffed with polyfill.  The eyes and nostrils are sewed with yarn.
I added the hat myself (it was not part of the pattern).

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Cindy said...

LOVE IT!!! It came out better than perfect!