Monday, March 7, 2011

Sassy Chauffeur

I decided to pursue getting my Commercial Driver's License so I could drive the church bus when needed.  Getting the license was a pretty significant accomplishment if I do say so myself....I'm not a trucker or a mechanic and am having some trouble coming up with a handle...{any ideas out there ?}

Having a sense of humor, I decided I just had to have a chauffeur hat - you know, to make it O-fficial.  I hope the youth girls enjoy it on our trip this weekend!
So, here goes....

I purchased a chauffeur hat from eBay for about $10.  It is a costume hat.  Turns out the real deal is pretty expensive.   I used craft glue and rhinestones.

I applied a drop of craft glue to the back of each rhinestone and then set it in place on the cap working around the brim from the outer edge to the inner edge.

Here are two rows completed.  You can see the glue but it's will dry clear!

Here is the finished hat....for now anyway.  I may always add to it if I want!

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