Friday, March 18, 2011

My New Buddy Cinnamon

I haven't had one of these male fighting bettas around in the long time and figured it was time to adopt another one.....I'm pleased to introduce you to Cinnamon.

In order to make one of these betta aquariums for yourself, all you need are the following items:
{2 liter soda bottle, peace lily, vase, marbles or 'rocks,' water conditioner and of course, a betta fish in your choice of colors}

First, I had to divide the peace lily I had.  Be sure to rinse the roots off very well to get all the dirt off.  You don't want that settling in with your fish.

Next, add some colorful marbles or rocks to the bottom of the vase and then fill it with cool water just so the top of the 2 liter soda bottle skims the water's surface.  Be sure to condition the water with a special solution you can purchase in the fish supplies section of your local pet store, following the instructions on the bottle.  This removes the chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful to your betta.

I punched a hole in the 2 liter bottle with a knife and then cut the top off with my scissors.  You will want to place this upside down in the top of the vase and continue to cut it down until it meets the top of the vase. 

I punched about 5 holes around the 'lid' to allow air to flow.  I forgot to show the hole punch in the initial photo - my bad!

For the next step, you will need to fit the plant's roots through the opening of the 2 liter bottle - be very careful!  You may need to trim the roots a bit if any are too long.

After your water has sat for about 30 minutes, you can add your betta.

Mine is sitting on my kitchen counter where I can see it everytime I'm at the kitchen sink. 
Bettas don't need a lot to can feed a few betta pellets every other day or so.  You will need to change out half of the water every week or 2.  Trim the plant roots as needed.


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Intermission of Martha said...

i love this! thanks for the help! i couldn't find anything anywhere on a how to!!!