Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busting my Stash for Spring!

I'm going BUST MY STASH from March 22 through April 22!

T-Shirt Diaries is hosting a Spring Stashbust.  The idea is to use up all the existing craft supplies and not making any new craft purchases during this time.  {Really!} 
Skipping the craft stores during this time will likely kill me but maybe I can save a few dollars in the process and come up with some creative ideas to share.

Anyway, click the button to learn more! 

Here are pictures of my stash and I hope to see a smaller amount of it by April 22.  It doesn't look like much but just wait to see my plans for that Coke bottle!

Miscellaneous items...polyfill, paint, styrofoam balls, Walmart bags, and no telling what else!

This is just some of my yarn...can't remember where all the rest of it is......

A drawer of random  'stuff.' 

Come join us and BUST YOUR STASH!

1 comment:

Robin said...

Yeah thank you so much for taking the challenge! You will be awesome and I can not wait to see what projects you come up with.