Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Year-to-Year Journal Boxes for Sale!

If you would like to purchase a handmade Daily Year-to-Year Journal Box with dated index cards, please email me at martyspumpkin@gmail.com providing the following information:

Dominant color {Colors below, Starting price is $25}
1st Contrasting color {included in starting price}
2nd Contrasting color {add $5}
Pattern:  Polka Dots or Swirls {see below for examples}
Date Needed {please allow 1-2 weeks since I also have a full-time job!  If I have to order your yarn color, add another week to allow for shipping}

Yarn Colors
Choose from the yarn colors here.

Pattern Examples
Polka Dot:
2 Colors: {we can discuss if you want additional embellishment like a bow}

Methods of Payment: 
Cash.  I'll take a check if I know ya!

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