Friday, February 25, 2011

Bathroom Cabinet Spiff-Up

Ok, so I could use more space for storage in my guest bath.....But how do you store those unpleasant things (extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies and whatever else) when there is a glass insert on the cabinet door?
I mean, really?  Who designed this thing???

I picked up some fabric at JoAnns and with some dowels and hooks, I was able to make a cute curtain to go inside and hide the unsightlies!

Here's how.....

I cut the fabric to size, turned under and ironed and pinned for where I needed to sew my seam.

I think I'm pretty handy with the sewing machine AND the camera!

After sewing the seams, on both top and bottom, I inserted a dowel rod in each end. 

I then added self-adhesive hooks to the inside of the door to hang my curtain. 
The hooks on the top open to the top while the hooks on the bottom open to the bottom.  This creates tension to keeps the curtain 'tight' - I didn't want it flowing. 

Here is the finished result:

If you do not have a sewing machine, You could easily turn this into a no-sew project with fabric fusion tape or other fabric adhesive.

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