Friday, February 25, 2011

Bathroom Cabinet Spiff-Up

Ok, so I could use more space for storage in my guest bath.....But how do you store those unpleasant things (extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies and whatever else) when there is a glass insert on the cabinet door?
I mean, really?  Who designed this thing???

I picked up some fabric at JoAnns and with some dowels and hooks, I was able to make a cute curtain to go inside and hide the unsightlies!

Here's how.....

I cut the fabric to size, turned under and ironed and pinned for where I needed to sew my seam.

I think I'm pretty handy with the sewing machine AND the camera!

After sewing the seams, on both top and bottom, I inserted a dowel rod in each end. 

I then added self-adhesive hooks to the inside of the door to hang my curtain. 
The hooks on the top open to the top while the hooks on the bottom open to the bottom.  This creates tension to keeps the curtain 'tight' - I didn't want it flowing. 

Here is the finished result:

If you do not have a sewing machine, You could easily turn this into a no-sew project with fabric fusion tape or other fabric adhesive.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Year-to-Year Journal Boxes for Sale!

If you would like to purchase a handmade Daily Year-to-Year Journal Box with dated index cards, please email me at providing the following information:

Dominant color {Colors below, Starting price is $25}
1st Contrasting color {included in starting price}
2nd Contrasting color {add $5}
Pattern:  Polka Dots or Swirls {see below for examples}
Date Needed {please allow 1-2 weeks since I also have a full-time job!  If I have to order your yarn color, add another week to allow for shipping}

Yarn Colors
Choose from the yarn colors here.

Pattern Examples
Polka Dot:
2 Colors: {we can discuss if you want additional embellishment like a bow}

Methods of Payment: 
Cash.  I'll take a check if I know ya!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Craft?

I love to make things!
Believe it or not, it's not the end result that matters to me but rather, the process.
Whether working with yarn, paper or beads, I am in charge of what happens to the materials and how they come together.  
It's how I relax and unwind....
I continue to ponder whether I should sell my items but fear it would turn my love of the process into a job.
Besides that, I fear the idea of that no one would value my crafts as I do!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Recycled/Upcycled Sweater not a major effort here but I hope you enjoy it!

I purchased a 100% wool men's argyle sweater at GFC and washed it in hopes it would felt.  However, it didn't felt as much as I wanted but I decided to proceed with my plans anyway!

Using some batting material (recycled from old quilt), I stitched my sweater cut out to it ensuring the design was centered.  I then placed the right sides together and sewed around the outsides leaving an opening for turning.  Once turned rightside out, I closed the opening with blind stitch and sewed a border around. 
Stylish hotpad/potholder!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Camo Newborn Baby Hat (crochet)

Here's a little something for the newborn baby boys and their hunter daddies!

I used a size H hook.

Chain 32. Starting in second chain from hook, hdc in the next 24 chains. sc in the last 5 chains.
ch1, turn. (25 hdc including initial ch2, 5 sc).

Row 1 : Working in back loops only, sc in each sc (4 sc), hdc in each hdc (25 hdc). ch2, turn.

Row 2 : Working in back loops only, hdc in each hdc (25 hdc), sc in each sc (4 sc). ch1, turn.

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 for 36 rows (18 ridges) or until the hat measures approx. 12 inches across the bottom edge. End with a Row 1.

Finish : Working in back loops only ,slip stitch the two sides of the hat together. Bind off and cut yarn, leaving a 6" tail. Thread tail on a tapestry needle and weave through the top of the hat. Pull tight to gather the top of the hat and tie off. Weave in ends and turn hat right-side out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Daily Year-to-Year Journal Box

When my friend Amy shared this blog post from Design Sponge Online on her Facebook page, I was so excited about the idea that I just had to make one...or rather, two!  And I see another one in the near future...

I was not able to find a suitable fruit carton as used in the attached link so I decided to make my own!

I used 100% wool to knit a basket-type container and then felted it by washing in hot water in the washing machine and allowed it to air dry.  I then needle-felted a design using a cream-colored yarn and then sprayed my creation with a stiffening agent inside and out to keep it's shape.
I created the index cards as described in the attached link using a date stamper.

To use, you simply write in the year along with a few words describing the event(s) of the day. Then move the card to the back.....When you come back around to it next year, simply add to can see what you've done from year to year without taking up too much time, paper, or space.  Enjoy!

Click here if you would like to purchase one!