Thursday, November 17, 2011

Altered Portfolio

This is my 2nd time participating in a homemade gift exchange and I'm excited about this one!  
Check out the linky party at Craftaholics Anonymous!  Just click on the button.  But only after you see what I sent to my partner, below!



Thanks to my crafty co-worker Michaelle, I was inspired to alter a cheesy vinyl portfolio I received at a seminar I attended recently.  I don't have a photo of it before but it was black with some embossing across the center.
I started with this awesome stuff called Gesso.  It basically prepares the surface for paint or whatever.  I could have decoupaged this but I decided to use acrylic paints instead.
After using 2 coats of Gesso and letting it dry for a couple of days, I applied paint, used stencils and covered with a satin poly finish.
To cover the embossed area, I sewed a piece of canvas to size, turned it right-side out and added topstitching.
I painted it with acrylic paint, added the satin poly finish and sewed on a coordinating button.  I used craft glue to secure it to the front of the portfolio.

Here is a view of it opened up....
I just love polka dots!

This was a lot of fun and best of all, it was CHEAP!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Today's Craft Haul

Who knew I could 'get my craft on' at TJMaxx and Marshall's? I did stop in at AC Moore because they were having their dollar days sale and I could probably have camped out there for the evening but I have other plans for tonight.

So, here is my haul from AC Moore.
All their stickers were 40% off and most of the other stuff was $1 each.
9 sticker sheets
3 mini-cross-stitch samplers
Pack of pink paper sacks
Glue sticks
Stamp block
3 Ink pads
5 spools of ribbon
3 pads of 'list' paper
Totaled to about $35.00

This is my haul from TJMaxx.
12x12 paper pack, including 20 papers, 227 stickers and 88 punchouts (2.99!!)
K&Company 2 packs of rub-ons (total 30 pages)
K&Company Letters
Butterfly stamps
K&Company tags with envelopes
Totaled to about $15.00

Here's what I got at Marshall's.
Pad of 8x8 papers (48 sheets)
Cardstock Matstack (72 sheets)
Glitter photo mats (24)
Chipboard embellishments
2 packages of stamps
Acrylic blocks
Totaled to about $20.00

The big deal of the day was the acrylic blocks.  At AC Moore these were 9.99.
However, I scored them at Marshalls for 2.99!

Now, what to DO with it all????

Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Tag Books - from the Beach I go to the beach for the annual family vacation and what do I like to do there?

Seems a little wasteful to be able to hang out on the beach yet spend my time indoors...but it's MY vacation and I can do what I want!  {I do spend time on the beach...just in case you were wondering!}

So, this year, Megan brought her sweet friend Jackie.  Jackie has claimed me as her 'other mom' so I guess she is my 'other daughter.'  I wanted to do a little something for the girls so I made them these tag books out of...... [drumroll please]......

Toilet Paper Rolls!

Each 'book' consist of 3 rolls.
They are covered in scrapbook paper with some attempt to coordinate...but if you know teen girls they are a little funky in how things go together. I hope you'll agree the result is fun.
{Sorry about the dark pictures.....}

Here are some of the tags I included for these...

a small notepad

Other side of one of the notepads

a place for a picture

this is the other side of the picture place

a mirror with rhinestones

an envelop with a little card

Each book is bound with some funky ribbon and additional embellishments were added for more fun!

I hope you are inspired to create something fun!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kitchen Table - Updated

Here is my plain kitchen table.  Nothing to get too excited about.

With a little burlap, muslin, hot glue and a mason jar, I turned my table into THIS:

I cut the burlap to a size I liked and pulled some threads off each side.  I hot-glued 3 handmade muslin 'flowers' in the corner and voila!  

I found a mason jar and covered it with a piece of burlap, added some rope and topped with a larger muslin flower.  

I filled with an assortment of silk wildflowers for a splash of color.  

Note:  I would be crazy to attempt to launder these.....they are purely for decoration - which suits me just fine  because my family sits around the living room for supper.  At least we are always together!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My First 'Craftaholics Anonymous' Gift Change

I signed up for the gift exchange which was hosted by Linda over at Craftaholics first one!
I wasn't sure what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised by the awesome gift I received from my exchange partner.  See here for what I received.

I recently learned that my co-worker Michaelle is big into paper crafting.  She gave me the cutest idea - which I couldn't help but implement for this gift exchange.  I hope my exchange partner liked it!

 This is a tag book made from recycled paper towel rolls!  I used the colors my partner told me she liked and had a great time picking out the paper, ribbon and other notions to use on this!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crocheted Hex Bag

Not an original design but I did have fun picking the colors and working on a new project!
Just in time for Spring!

I made about 25 or so of these hex pieces and put them all together to make the bag using instructions from FutureGirl.  You can link to her blog from here:

 I lined the bag with a somewhat coordinating fabric and hemstitched it in.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Origami!

I was at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago and saw a flower arrangement origami kit...I couldn't pass it up!  Here is my first origami arrangement.

I made 12 lilies and wrapped a pipecleaner with green floral tape and attached to the bottom of each flower.

A small glass vase with decorative marbles holds everything in place.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

In honor of Easter, I decided to knit a baby Easter bunny hat.  It turned out pretty well and I was able to give it to a co-worker who just welcomed a new baby girl just a little while ago. 
So the timing was perfect!

Here is Amelia Floyd modeling her new hat!

Update:  Here is a link to the Ravelry pattern.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My New Buddy Cinnamon

I haven't had one of these male fighting bettas around in the long time and figured it was time to adopt another one.....I'm pleased to introduce you to Cinnamon.

In order to make one of these betta aquariums for yourself, all you need are the following items:
{2 liter soda bottle, peace lily, vase, marbles or 'rocks,' water conditioner and of course, a betta fish in your choice of colors}

First, I had to divide the peace lily I had.  Be sure to rinse the roots off very well to get all the dirt off.  You don't want that settling in with your fish.

Next, add some colorful marbles or rocks to the bottom of the vase and then fill it with cool water just so the top of the 2 liter soda bottle skims the water's surface.  Be sure to condition the water with a special solution you can purchase in the fish supplies section of your local pet store, following the instructions on the bottle.  This removes the chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful to your betta.

I punched a hole in the 2 liter bottle with a knife and then cut the top off with my scissors.  You will want to place this upside down in the top of the vase and continue to cut it down until it meets the top of the vase. 

I punched about 5 holes around the 'lid' to allow air to flow.  I forgot to show the hole punch in the initial photo - my bad!

For the next step, you will need to fit the plant's roots through the opening of the 2 liter bottle - be very careful!  You may need to trim the roots a bit if any are too long.

After your water has sat for about 30 minutes, you can add your betta.

Mine is sitting on my kitchen counter where I can see it everytime I'm at the kitchen sink. 
Bettas don't need a lot to can feed a few betta pellets every other day or so.  You will need to change out half of the water every week or 2.  Trim the plant roots as needed.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Busting my Stash for Spring!

I'm going BUST MY STASH from March 22 through April 22!

T-Shirt Diaries is hosting a Spring Stashbust.  The idea is to use up all the existing craft supplies and not making any new craft purchases during this time.  {Really!} 
Skipping the craft stores during this time will likely kill me but maybe I can save a few dollars in the process and come up with some creative ideas to share.

Anyway, click the button to learn more! 

Here are pictures of my stash and I hope to see a smaller amount of it by April 22.  It doesn't look like much but just wait to see my plans for that Coke bottle!

Miscellaneous items...polyfill, paint, styrofoam balls, Walmart bags, and no telling what else!

This is just some of my yarn...can't remember where all the rest of it is......

A drawer of random  'stuff.' 

Come join us and BUST YOUR STASH!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sock Monkey the Ol' Fashioned Way

About once a week, I feel a compulsion to go look at yarn at the local AC Moore, Michael's or Joann's and oftentimes my kids are with me.  My son jokes with me every now and then asking me if I've found the perfect yarn yet.  Well, of course the answer is NO....or else I wouldn't have to go back constantly!

On the last trip, my son was with me and happened to see a Paton's pattern for a sock monkey and asked if I would make one for him.  Never having knitted anything for him, I figured it was high, I've never knitted a stuffed animal before....and learning a new skill is always welcome.  So here is my sock monkey - which I must say came together quite nicely.  And he loved it!

I used Paton 100% wool yarn for this and lightly stuffed with polyfill.  The eyes and nostrils are sewed with yarn.
I added the hat myself (it was not part of the pattern).